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Young People Get a Life……Insurance Policy!

Life insurance needs to be a focus for people under the age of 40 for a number of reasons. Let’s look at a few of why, we at Titan, think so.

1. They’re Young, They’re Healthy

Age and health are two of the largest factors in determining the cost of a life policy. The younger and healthier the client, generally, the lower the price paid per unit of coverage. This also means that if your client purchases a permanent policy, the plan should perform more effectively. Talk to a Titan sales manager to see how this works across the breadth of carriers we offer.

*Also remember that policies for this slice of clientele costs a lot less than often perceived! Asking goes a long way…

2. They may have debt……….. Student Loans Anyone?

Student Loan Debt unfortunately does not go away when a person passes unexpectedly (it almost should but that’s why we are talking about this). This leaves any cosigner on said loan, responsible for paying the balance. Yikes! I’m sure that’s not what he or she was expecting when they did that. A simple term life insurance policy with a term for the length of payback of those loans, protects this situation from occurring for under $20.00 a month in most cases. Hold the Avocado and see the light here.

3. Planning for a future

a. Marriage

b. House

c. Kids

Maybe not in that order but being prepared never hurts anyone. The Life Insurance buying cycle centers around life events. A cost-effective term policy that give ample coverage, conversion privileges, at an affordable price is a good step in the right direction.

Relevant? Who knows? But it certainly doesn’t hurt to ask. Let us know what we can do to make that conversation easier for you.


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