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3 Tips to Start Quietly Marketing to Your Clients

We are all guilty of working too hard “in” our businesses and not spending enough time working “on” them. When you’re already wearing several hats as a business owner, marketing and branding tend to fall into the category of “it’s important but not urgent, so I’ll do it later.”

This is a risky position to take because without marketing, your business growth will be severely limited (if it doesn’t stop completely). There are only so many hours in a day, however, and sometimes you just need a strategy that is low cost and low time; something that will help you make marketing a priority without being too overwhelming.

This strategy, recently called “quiet self-promotion” by Forbes, will allow new business to continuously trickle in through referrals, word of mouth, and general curiosity. It is a stealthier style of marketing that uses simple branded messages to earn client recognition, loyalty and referrals. Quiet self-promotion should become a part of your daily routine, to the point that you forget you’re even doing it.

Before we get into the actionable steps you can take to implement quiet self-promotion in your business, we might have already lost you at the term “branded messages.” Branding is another area that tends to get pushed to the side when we get busy. However, branding is critical to your marketing strategy, and your business as a whole, because it is what prompts clients to think of you, come to you for your services, or recommend you to their friends and families. To learn more about how important branding is, check out this piece from one of Titan’s design consultants (make sure to download the checklist and questionnaire!).


1. Brand your printed materials: By this we mean, all your printed materials (folders, binders, report covers, etc), whether for a big presentation or single client meeting, should have your name or identifying mark (hello, logo) and your contact information. Not only does this continually remind clients to keep you in their memory far longer than a boring manila folder would, it also makes it easy for them to share your contact information with someone else. Because it’s everywhere.

2. Always have business cards on hand: Keep them in your office, your wallet, your car...stash them anywhere and everywhere so they are always handy. You may find yourself chatting with the person next to you in line at Starbucks, or have a client ask for a couple extra to give to friends. And of course, you’ll want to make sure your cards coordinate with your other printed materials (it’s all about the branding!).

3. Thank you notes: Thank you notes are a personal touch that really resonates with clients AND an opportunity to mention how much you love referrals. If you really want to stand out, get cards printed with your name or logo on the front and hand write the message on the inside. That will really impress them! Don’t forget to tuck a business card or two inside the card before you slide it in the envelope!

These quiet self-promotion techniques may be considered small items to you, but they really make a big difference with your clients, according to Forbes. The little extras go a long way towards strengthening your connection with your clients and earning their loyalty.

I’ll leave you with these ideas to help build your business for now. Let’s keep talking about quiet promotion techniques in the weeks to follow.


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